Zenith Bank Internet Banking Setup

As one of the leading banks in Nigeria and  Africa, Zenith bank offers high-end services to customers, including several flexible banking options. Zenith bank internet banking services are one of the online banking experiences Zenith bank provides to corporate and individual customers.

Zenith started internet banking operations over a decade ago to promote convenience and customized banking experiences for all its customers. It offers the opportunity for customers to bank on their own terms, despite your location and time. Users enjoy real-time information about account balance, and a chance to view and download account activities, including the statement of account.

However, customers need to follow some steps to set up and enjoy the internet banking services offered by zenith bank. Below is an overview of all the steps you must take to get started. Before getting started, it is best to mention that their service requires you to open an account with zenith bank to participate.

How To Set Up Zenith Bank Internet Banking

The steps below outline the procedure you should follow to set up your Zenith bank internet banking.

1. Visit Zenith Banks Website

The first step is to visit https://www.zenithbank.com. The link takes you to the homepage of Zenith bank. At the top of the page, there is a list of menu options that provide links to other website pages: Personal, SME, CORPORATE, MEDIA, investors relations, CSR, About Us.

2. Click On Internet Banking

Place your mouse pointer on the personal menu to reveal the drop-down options. In the drop-down options, locate and click on the internet banking option. Click on the breadcrumb icon displayed to the top-left of the screen if you are viewing the website from a mobile browser. The icon would reveal the menu options similar to those on the desktop view. Click on personal and click on ways to bank. The option brings up a new page and on the new page, click on the internet banking button on the screen.

3. Click On Sign Up

Once you click on the internet banking option, you will land on a new page that provides brief information about the benefits and values of internet banking. However, it is best to mention that Zenith bank offers two internet banking options. It offers personal internet banking for individuals and corporate internet banking services for organizations. If you are setting up zenith bank internet banking for personal use, use the personal internet banking and if you are setting it up on behalf of your organization, select the corporate internet banking. The forms to fill in the two services are slightly different, but the procedures are similar. To proceed with your setup, click on the red sign-up button displayed under the personal or corporate internet banking; depending on your choice.

4. Download The Sign-Up Form

A new page loads up on your screen displaying the form you must fill out to proceed with your internet banking setup. Print the form and fill out a hard copy of the form.

5. Submit The Form At A Zenith Bank Branch

Take the form to any zenith bank branch and ask for the customer care unit. Request to see the officer in charge of internet banking services and submit the form to this officer. You would be required to return to the bank within 48 to 72 hours.

6. Collect Your Login Details

Return to the bank and meet your Zenith bank relationship officer to get the login details for your Zenith bank internet banking.

7. Login With The Details

Visit the internet banking portal of zenith bank (https://www.zenithbank.com/internet-banking/) and click on login. Enter your login details to access the platform.

Common Problems of Encountered during Zenith Bank internet banking setup

There are some common problems usually experienced by zenith bank internet banking users 

1. Internet Problems

Slow internet connection and connection strength can limit the efficiency of internet banking. All activities over the internet require a strong internet connection and a poor connection can prevent the appropriate functioning of the platforms

2. Delays From A Local Branch

Customers may experience a delay in the arrival of their login details as a result of the activities of their local banks.

3. Inability To Login Into Email Used

The email and phone number used during account setup would be required to reset the internet banking password. Losing access to the email and phone number would pose a challenge to password recovery.

4. Internet Fraud And Scam

With increased activities of online crime, internet banking is facing a serious threat. However, zenith banks have increased security technologies to combat the activities of fraudsters.


Zenith Bank Internet Banking FAQ

Below are answers to some questions that users usually ask about zenith bank internet banking. 

What is the difference between Zenith Mobile banking and internet banking?

Zenith mobile banking is the banking service offered by zenith bank via their mobile apps. This service functions without a need for a web browser. However, their internet banking services happen over the internet and can be accessed from any device with a web browser and internet connection. But the mobile banking platform can only be used by devices that are compatible with the apps.


What Are The Benefits Of Zenith Banks Corporate Internet Banking?

Zenith bank internet banking makes it easy for a corporate organization to carry out banking activities across the world from the comfort of the internet. They offer money transfers from organizations to any part of the world. An organization can receive money, track transactions, confirm cheques, receive notifications worldwide. With zenith banks internet banking services, organizations have a chance to experience the full service of the physical branch from anywhere they are in the world.

How Can I Reset My Zenith Bank’s Internet Banking Password?

Visit the internet banking login page (https://www.zenithbank.com/internet-banking) and click on the forgot password option to initiate a password reset procedure. Zenith bank would send a One-time-password to your phone via SMS or to your email.  Input the password into the space provided and you would get a prompt to create a new password. Enter your new password and proceed to log in.

Is Zenith Bank Internet Banking Safe?

Zenith bank offers one of the safest online banking services in Africa. They use several cybersecurity tools to keep customers’ data and information away from intrusive third parties. Zenith bank has sophisticated firewall systems in place to prevent internet attacks on their platform. It is safe to use their platform for internet banking.

How Much Does It Cost To Set Up Zenith Bank Internet Banking?

Setting up zenith bank internet banking is free. However, transferring money via the platform incurs some charges depending on the method you use.

Can I Use Zenith Bank Internet Banking To Make An International Transfer?

Customers with a domiciliary account can use zenith Bank internet banking to transfer money from one country to another. However, due to local policies in some countries, banks are not permitted to make foreign payments in local currencies. Therefore, holders of localized accounts may find it hard to transfer money to foreign countries.

What’s The Difference Between Zenith Bank Internet Banking And Electronic Banking

Zenith bank Electronic banking is a larger scale banking service that offers synergized banking options to customers, especially Small businesses. Unlike internet banking, it goes beyond the internet to include short codes on telecommunications networks.  


What Is The Token About?

The token is an electronic encryption technology that ensures safe information transfer across the internet. It is a technology deployed by zenith to ensure the protection of data of customers and organizations.

Final Words

In a more globalized world, internet banking offers a chance for everyone to engage in easy transaction and banking interaction without barriers of distance. With internet banking, you can access banking services from the comfort of your home. You can check your account details, receive notifications, perform transactions, receive payment, and many more. All these from the comfort of a home office or anywhere. In a nutshell, there are more upsides to internet banking services provided by zenith bank. Users only need to focus on maintaining caution to keep their information safe. Moreover, Zenith bank provides efficient customer service via calls, emails, web chats, and social media if customers have any issues to report.

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