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The article is a quick guide on how to buy and sell cryptocurrency for profit without losing at it, it’s no longer news how young guys are making money from crypto on daily working smart by doing the right thing; and of course they keep hitting it hard and as well keep following the change in crypto trading climate.

However, if you have the strong mind or the interest to join the risky and high profitable crypto world, we will guide you on how to trade cryptocurrency the right way though it doesn’t guarantee steady winning except you apply wisdom and do it the right way.

How To Trade Bitcoin For Profit

Like we promised we will guide you on how to buy and sell cryptocurrency for profit generation the easiest way, while in recent times numerous guys keep searching for how to trade bitcoin for profit and other cryptos like BNB, Solana, Shiba etc.

But before we get down to business, let’s look at some vital points that will contribute to the success of your cryptocurrency trading journey.


How do you profit from Bitcoin?

There are vast ways to profit from bitcoin or cryptocurrency in general, you must not buy and sell cryptocurrency for profit. You can make a profit in the following ways without hitches.


Micro Earnings

This has to do with petty jobs online that get you rewarded with either of the cryptos, it could be Ethereum, bitcoin or shiba depending on what the platform offers to appreciate the publisher’s effort.


Accept Payments in Bitcoin

The other way to make profit from crypto is to accept payment via bitcoin or any crypto with value and after the exchange on either Binance or any trusted crypto trading or exchange platform, you will be able to make a profit from cryptocurrency.

Earn Bitcoin by becoming an Affiliate

There are vast affiliate platforms that pay publishers or marketers in bitcoin or other high valued cryptocurrencies, hence when paid through crypto you stand the chance to make high profit from crypto instead of been paid in local currency with low market value.


Buy & Hold Bitcoins

This is the most common way to get profit from crypto, here you buy and sell cryptocurrency for profit, and on reading this article down the lane, you will learn a lot from the method of crypto profit.

Cryptocurrency trading requires patience, which means you must be able to hold high valued and promising coins for a high return of investment. This will actually help you make a crypto profit without stressing yourself.



This is one of the best methods you can make money from crypto with a lot of work input, you won’t be spending a dime here, and you will be able to trade your bitcoin or any crypto coin after achieving it via mining.


Lending Bitcoins

Another cheap way to make a bitcoin profit is lending bitcoins to either of the crypto lending platforms, you will be able to trade the bitcoin and make a huge profit if you know your way around it.

We have already made a post on how to take advantage of crypto lending sites that won’t be charging you excess or asking for collateral before lending you bitcoin or valuable coin in the crypto climate.

Is crypto trading profitable?

This is solely dependent on your approach towards cryptocurrency, however, numerous guys in this space keep cashing out big time since they are ever playing smart without thinking about risks and other factors that may limit them from making bitcoin profit.

Can you live off cryptocurrency?

This is one question numerous guys ask when they chose to venture into crypt trading, they’re always inquisitive to know since they already got lots of spicy and amazing stories about cryptocurrency.

But the truth remains, that there are lots of young fellows doing so well in the crypto world, and they’re for sure making an excellent end meet solely from bitcoin and other coins trading.

How do you win at crypto trading?

There is no magic when it comes to winning at crypto trading as a beginner or pro, and it’s one of the great reason we decide to enlighten everyone on how to buy and sell cryptocurrency for profit solely.

However, if you follow the under-listed tips, then losing at crypto trading will ever be something you may stand not to experience.


  • Volatility is a good thing.
  • Prioritize liquidity.
  • Invest what you can afford.
  • Take your gains often.
  • Diversify.
  • Dollar-cost average
  • Choose the right mix of storage.


How do you buy and sell cryptocurrency for beginners?

Learning how to buy and sell cryptocurrency for a high return of investment is the surest way to escape poverty while working from the comfort of your home. So, below are the best ways you can actually make money from trading bitcoin and other valuable cryptos.


  1. Sign up for a cryptocurrency exchange platform

There are actually a few steps to get started with buying and selling of cryptocurrency to make profit without losing at it, so the first you should take into consideration is registering an account with any of the crypto trading platform, platforms like Binance, Luno, Trust wallet, and the likes.


  1. Fund your account

 On getting an account with either of the crypto trading platforms, you can’t just start trading or investing in crypto without funding your account for ROI, alas. 

So, go on and fund your crypto account with the available payment or deposit in your country of residence; however, for Binance you can actually use P2P if your country ban crypto trading.


  1. Pick a crypto to invest in

One of the mistakes beginners make while trading crypto is choosing low valued coin that has no promising future, it’s quite important to think about the market stands before taking a shot, to avoid losing to it all like forex trading.

Kindly, go for crypto with a promising future, then take advantage of it when it deepens and sell off at a slight rise in the price of the coin you are holding.


  1. Start trading

After deciding and picking the best crypto to invest in; you may go-ahead to start trading carefully to avoid losing at it. Like I always advise, you should study the coin closely before trading it.


  1. Store your cryptocurrency

How does storing your cryptocurrency helps in bitcoin profitability? This is where the word HODL (holding for dear life) comes in. It actually means buying when it’s dipping and holding till the price get higher, then you can sell off and make a profit.


  1. Market structure and cycles

This has do with your understanding of the crypto market at a particular point in time before staking, to avoid losing money carelessly.


  1. Chasing the whale

Most traders who bitterly complain about losing money to cryptocurrency are on this very table, they’re often chasing the coin with value without checking if they could earn profit alas from it.


  1. Psychological cycles

This is solely about your thought and the ability to bear losses if at all it happens that way, so you should be able to chest every outcome of your trading, be it losses or profit.


I do hope you are able to learn how to buy and sell cryptocurrency for profit without losing to the crypto market woefully, while most persons are called experts in this bitcoin and other valued coins. They may still lose at it, if they fail to take safety cautions.

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