Top 15 Affiliate Marketing Software 2023

Affiliate marketing becomes easy when you have the right tools and software, the secret that separates the pro from the average marketer is the kind of affiliate marketing software they invest in. You also want to know Which software is best for affiliate marketing? Here in this article, we will review the Top 15 affiliate marketing software that you can use to take your affiliate marketing to the next level.

These affiliate marketing tools are not only ideal for beginners; affiliate marketing experts and veterans would also find the tools useful. The majority of the tools reviewed in this article are free and others require a small investment. If you are a beginner with little budget, you can start with the free tools and progress to paid ones as you build your financial strength. With that said, here are 15 affiliate marketing software to pick from.

1. Sharethrough

The most important part of any content is the headline. It is that part of your content that attracts prospective readers and makes them click to view your content and proceed to buy your affiliate product. Sharethrough is a tool that helps you review your headline to see how engaging it is.

Sharethrough is not only limited to blog content or web content. You can use it to review the subject of your email. It also works for social media posts. It is an ideal tool for affiliate marketers looking to increase their click-through rates.

To use the tool, all you have to do is visit the website and enter your headline, subject, topic, or social media post in the space provided. The tool would analyze the text and give you a summary of how engaging it is.

The score is usually over a hundred and it would also provide suggestions that might increase engagement with your content. It is one of the Top 15 affiliate marketing software 2022 every affiliate marketer should use.

2. BeMob

BeMob is tracking software for affiliate marketers. It allows you to split-test your landing pages and see what’s working. Pro affiliate marketers are exceptionally great at tracking. It is the habit of constantly tracking their progress that helps pros become great at what they do.

BeMob made our top 15 affiliate marketing software 2022 list because it helps beginners, intermediate or experts, know where conversions are coming from. It helps you build more on your strength and increase your revenue. BeMob offers a free version for beginners and it also has the paid version.

As a beginner, you can opt for the free version of BeMob pending the time you’ll have enough resources to purchase the paid version.

3. CBSnooper

CBSnooper is one of the best and top 15 affiliate marketing software or tool you should consider if you are a ClickBank affiliate. It allows affiliate marketers to analyse ClickBank products and see how well they are performing. CBSnooper helps you capitalize on trends to increase your revenue. The interface displays top products on the network, offering graphical displays and data about various ClickBank products.

It also shows you top rising products and top falling products. If you want to spend less time combing through ClickBank to find the product that’s best for you, CBSnooper can help with that. CBSnooper is number eight on the list of Top 15 affiliate marketing software 2022.

4. Facebook Ad Library

All affiliate marketers understand the power of social media. As of this time, Facebook is considered the largest social media platform in the world with billions of users worldwide. Advertising on Facebook could be tricky, owing to the strict algorithm function of the platform.

Facebook Ad library is one of the best tools to help you spy on ads behaviors of competitors on Facebook. The interesting fact of the tool is that it is free for all. This tool is a huge library of ads that are currently live on Facebook. The tool allows you to search the database for ads promoting similar products to yours and see what they are doing.

It would also show you the headlines used in those headlines. One of the benefits of the tool is that you can click through to the landing page and review their sales copy. It is one of the Top 15 affiliate marketing software 2022 to have if you want to use Facebook ads to drive traffic.

5. Hemingway App

Hemingway is an online writing tool that helps you analyze your content for readability. It reviews your content and shows you how to modify it for clarity. This tool is suitable for affiliate marketers who personally write their own blogs, sales copy, or landing pages.

The major advantage of using Hemingway Software is that it helps you view your content from the perspective of your reader. It helps affiliate marketers write content that appeals to readers. It does this by providing you with a readability grade, showing how your content sounds to your reader

6. Canva

Canva is an exceptional image manipulation that is a necessity for affiliate marketing. To get more eyeballs on your product, you need to communicate through multiple media. In a world dominated by multimedia tools, promoting text-based content alone would not help you attract enough audience.

Canva has the free and paid versions, to help you save money, it is best to use the free version if you are just starting out as an affiliate marketer. You can progress to the paid version when you have enough funds to invest in your affiliate marketing. Canva is one of the Top 15 affiliate marketing software 2022 every affiliate marketer must own.

7. Mailchimp

Email software is at the heart of affiliate marketing. It is shown that email is one of the most effective communication tools available to affiliate marketers. Users who join your mailing list are more likely to purchase your product. Compared to social media and other communication tools, email helps to reinforce the trust and confidence of your audience.

The advantage of Mailchimp over other email software is that it offers a free plan to beginners. You can send over a thousand emails for free on the platform. It is a must-have for affiliate marketers with little start-up budget.

8. IDplr

PLR stands for private label rights. This tool offers you thousands of ready-made ebooks, audio products, video products, and software that you can download and resell or give out for free. It is ideal for busy affiliate marketers who need lead magnets but don’t have the time to create one.

IDplr offers over twelve thousand products that affiliate marketers can choose from. They offer over 200 free products for new members joining the platform. IDplr is a great tool for affiliate marketers and you can add it to your Top 15 affiliate marketing software 2022.

9. Pexels

Pexels is one of the most popular free stock image platforms on the internet. It offers over ten million free images to users. Affiliate marketing requires multimedia communication. Paying for every image you use for your communication may be too expensive. Pixel is an ideal place to download images that you use for your ads, social media posts, websites, or email communications.

10. Funnelytics

Funnel design is a must for affiliate marketers. An affiliate marketing funnel is the schematic representation of the path that buyers follow when purchasing your products. Funnelytics helps you graphically map out your funnel strategy to give you a clear overview of what your buyer journey looks like.

 The platform uses a drag and drop interface to display your plan. You drag related icons on the platform and link them to one another to give you a view of how your process interacts. Funnelytics offers a free plan for beginners. It is a useful tool to have if you want to promote a new product.

11. SimilarWeb

As an affiliate marketer, you profit more if you own the largest market share for the product you are promoting. SimilarWebshows your site performance. It also provides you with features that help you compare your site performance to other websites in your niche. You can view the performance of each site in various countries of the world. This information can improve your paid ads and traffic. It is a Top 15 affiliate marketing software 2022 to have.

12. Social AD Scout

Finding ads that are working already and copying the ads is one of the fastest ways to get started. Creating high-performing ads can be really difficult, especially for a beginner. Like Facebook ads library, Social AD scout is another ads-spy tool that helps you check what your competitors are doing with their ads.

You can see their headlines, their body text, and their call to action. Social Ad Scout works best for Facebook ads. It covers over 21 countries and has millions of ads in its database. Social Ad Scout is one of the Top 15 affiliate marketing software 2022, especially for beginners.

13. NoipFraud

Affiliate marketing could require you to become a little aggressive as you progress. NoipFraud is a Cloaker that helps you shield yourself from competitors and the rules of the ad network. NoipFraud is primarily a link protection software. By being aggressive, you increase the total revenue you generate for the products that you promote. Using a Cloaker helps you bypass the rules of most ads networks and present your product to the audience on that platform. However, it is best to mention that this tool is most ideal for advanced affiliate marketers.

14. KowboyKit

KowboyKit is an expensive affiliate marketing software that’s most ideal for advanced markets. This tool helps you manage a team of affiliate marketers who are posting ads for you. In a nutshell, it is most ideal for affiliate marketers looking to grow their annual revenue into millions of dollars by hiring other affiliate marketers to work with them.

However, this tool can cost as high as two thousand dollars per month. As a beginner or intermediate, it is best to operate your affiliate marketing business alone. As you progress, you can increase your investment and hire more hands.

15. ClickMagick

ClickMagick is another click tracking tool that all affiliate marketers should have. It helps you track the behaviour of your link over the internet and offers you graphical insights. It is one of the oldest tracking tools on the internet providing service to thousands of Affiliate marketers.

It offers a free trial and you can invest as little as $12 for a paid service. Clickmagick is one of the Top 15 affiliate marketing software 2022 every affiliate marketer should look into.


Final Words

Most of the tools reviewed in this top 15 affiliate marketing software 2022 are free and some paid tools offer free versions. Affiliate marketers just starting out can leverage these Top 15 affiliate marketing software to boost their growth and progress to more sophisticated software in the future.

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