How To Activate ussd Code For Zenith Bank Without Atm Card 2022/2023 [Updated]

How to activate ussd code for zenith bank without ATM card is the aim of this article, because I have got to understand that numerous guys out there are so in need of this wonderful information regardless of the fact this isn’t the only bank in Nigeria or other African countries, perhaps you can confirm it by trying the Google search with this word, and you will discover the related words and the volume of each of these words listed here, something like;

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So we will go on to discuss the actual steps you need to take in order to make successful transfers on your zenith bank account with ATM card or going to the ATM stand.

The reason most persons want to do without ATM; is not far from the long queue one needs to join before obtaining ATM card since COVID-19 days till present, and again to lessen spending most folks will rather stay without ATM card to help them save for the future.

How to register ussd code for Zenith Bank Without ATM Card or ATM.

It is safe to say that you are another client of Zenith Bank and need to move cash as fast as could really be expected, yet something is keeping you down? You don’t have the foggiest idea how to activate zenith bank transfer code without debit card. I believe I’m correct

Or on the other hand, would you say you are now a client and have failed to remember the USSD code for the Zenith Bank portable exchange? I’m grieved regarding that. Be that as it may, stress less. I’m certain I’ll let you know all that you wanted to think concerning how to register a zenith bank transfer code without ATM Card here.

However, with the Zenith bank ussd code, you can now effectively make transactions with your cell phone without atm card or going to the ATM stand.

I think you really wanted the short code to continue with your next move. This post will show you the Zenith transfer code without a debit card.

How To Register Zenith Bank Transfer Code Without Debit Card?

To be completely forthright, I don’t believe it’s imaginable to activate Zenith Bank transfer code without debit card or ATM card. In this way, will tell you the best way to register zenith bank transfer code now.

The Zenith bank USSD code makes it simple for you to rapidly execute little to enormous transactions. Rather than going to the bank or closest retail location (POS) to make transactions peaceful.

Envision remaining in a queue for quite a while to withdraw or transfer N5,000. Just a little money.

The new framework stops that. Indeed, with the USSD code, you would now be able to bank from the solace of your home utilizing your mobile phone.

How to activate zenith bank transfer code without ATM Card? It’s completely conceivable to transfer cash, broadcast appointments, or information utilizing your mobile phone, however for everything to fall into place, you wanted to accomplish something.

What’s going on here? You really wanted to register your ussd code to enact Zenith Bank USSD code transmission on your phone.

So, let’s get to business immediately without wasting time.

How To Register and Activate Your Zenith Bank Transfer Code.

  • Turn on your cell phone. It doesn’t matter which device you use (Android or iPhone).
  • Dial the speed dial number (*966*00#). Open your phone dialer and dial *966*00# with the phone number you used to open an account.
  • Enter the 4-digit code. You will see the 16-digit number on your debit card. Enter the last 4 digits.
  • Create a transfer PIN. After entering the last four digits of your debit card, you will be prompted to enter a new PIN.
  • Now is the time to secure your account and transactions.
  • Enter the PIN again. Here you have to confirm the previously created PIN code. Re-enter your 4-digit PIN.
  • You have successfully registered and activated your number for Zenith EazyBanking.

Affirm the initiation. Now, you ought to get an instant message from your bank with your record balance data.

This is an indication that you have progressed admirably.

Zenith Bank Transfer Code To Another Bank

Assuming you need to transfer money from your zenith bank account to another bank client, it’s extremely simple. Indeed, since you’ve effectively connected your account to your phone, it’s an ideal opportunity to begin transactions.

  • Dial *966 * Amount * Account Number #. For example, dial *966*1000*5268300010# to transfer N1000 to 5268300010.
  • Choose The Bank.
  • Confirm the recipient’s name.
  • Enter the PIN.


Previously, anything identified with banking could be extremely overwhelming. However, today everything has changed. You would now be able to make numerous BIG transactions with only a couple of taps on your mobile phone.

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