7 Easy to Start Offline Side Hustles for Student

7 Easy to Start Offline Side Hustles for Students– Weather your school is on strike or it is ASUU that is striking your school, Or you’ve gone home for the holidays. Or in the best of situation’s you still in school studying (right? ) but you are always running out of cash . Leading you to the brokenling stage , which could be caused by an infinite number of things.

Being a student studying in an higher Institution you rarely do have the time to work a full-time job, limiting your options to work and get paid while studying. we’ve compiled a list of  side hustles that are ideal for busy (and broke!) students like you. To aid you in earning money while still in school , on holiday, or at home enjoying your boring school strike at home.

Through these side hustles, every student can be able to take care of his or her financial needs.

We will be sharing with you Offline side hustles ideas for student with you below;

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7 Easy-to-Start Offline Side Hustles for Student

1. Become a Tutor

Are you particularly gifted in math, chemistry, French, or another topic that others find difficult? If that’s the case, try starting your own tutoring business! Parents want their children to succeed, whether they are in Primary school or college, and they frequently pay a lot of money for tutoring services.

Jamb classes, Waec Classes, Nabteb class and alot more are areas you can key intoand offer to teach students who are about to take this exams . with the aid of tech physical meetup are no longer necessary to teach students again. Classes can be conducted online via whatsapp , zoom e.t.c.

Be aware that this side hustle necessitates not just a thorough understanding of a subject, but also a natural teaching ability. Choose your hourly fee and get started if you can handle those two factors.


2. Photography

As a student, you have the option of pursuing a career in photography. You will not be the first, nor will you be the last to do so.

You’re good to go if you’re skilled at capturing great images and can afford a camera for yourself. You may also learn photography so that you can provide clients with professional services. People desire to photograph unforgettable occasions, create portraits, and other similar activities.

Students may also profit from photography by shooting exquisite and engaging photographs and selling them on virtual marketplaces.

Photographs of monuments, popular locations, gorgeous natural settings, and historical landmarks might be included. Websites like iStockPhoto and DepositPhotos allow anybody, including students, to sell digital photos and make money.

3.Phones and Computers Repair/Sales

Every student on campus has at least one phone, and almost every student has access to a computer. Not just students, but also professors, non-academic employees, neighbors, and so on.

These devices, like humans, become ill and have accidents, and they require physicians to save their lives — if their owners are that concerned. You’d be shocked at how many students will come to your house seeking assistance for their beloved electronics. More patients equals more cash!

If you wish to work in this industry, you must first master the expertise. Let’s say 3 to 6 months of instruction. Don’t just walk about claiming to be able to fix phones and computers! I implore you to learn the talent first.

Thanks to online market places like Facebook Market Place, Instagram , Jiji and even your Whatsapp status selling of devices as become faster and easier.



4. Catering Services

It is up to you whether you want inside or outdoor catering services, or both. You may start by telling individuals you know that you’re in the company, or you can approach a catering service and offer to work for them as a casual worker whenever you have free time, especially on weekends.

Cooking may not be your primary occupation. It might be shopping for catering supplies, preparing the table, or serving at events. If you are talented at cooking, though, you may convert it into a lucrative company.

Also, don’t forget to make the most of your social media activities in order to market your services to others. You will be able to reach a broader audience as a result of this.

5. Tailoring / Fashion Designing

If you can sew, that’s fantastic! However, even if you don’t, you can learn.
As a Nigerian student, you may supplement your income by tailoring. Sew and wear fashions that have folks asking who made them or where they came from. Tada! This is your opportunity to market your side business.
In fact, you may brand and package your company so beautifully that people would consider you a 5-star fashion designer.
You can begin by collecting materials locally and sewing various clothes apparels, and then progress to importing textiles from other countries to manufacture classic clothing.

Remeber You’ll never know how far you can go unless you give it a go.

You may not go to that extreme, but you may cut out some great pieces, advertise your side hustle, and, of course, make money.

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6. Graphics Designing

If you’re a graphic designer reading this, please forgive me. But I have to inform my folks about what you’re up to.

At the outset of the employment, a graphic and multimedia designer may expect to make between $34,608 and $179,969 net each month. This equates to between 37,197 and 134,555 a month for a 44-hour work week after 5 years of service. Outside work designing and editing are no longer included in the total.

Let’stake for instance – A single flyer costs a MINIMUM of $3,000. If you create a business card, the fee remains the same. You may charge as much as $10,000 or more for a single logo (depending on your client and talents)! Graphic designers also create cartoons, caricatures, and book covers, among other things.

Okay. Let’s perform a quick math computation.

Set aside cartoons, caricatures, covers, picture editing, and photo manipulation if you’re designing a minimum of 20 flyers and 5 business cards.

How much will that pay you on a monthly basis?

If you’re a math whiz, you may post your solution in the section below. At this point, I believe I should call a halt to the covert expose.

7. DropShipping

Of all the side hustle ideas listed this one of the most cost effective of them all, and easiet to start thanks to social media platforms like Facebook marketplace, Instagram and business WhatsApp to mention a few.

Dropshipping is a more cost-effective business venture. When you use dropshipping, you only need to contact your supplier once a consumer has placed an order with you.

In Nigeria, starting a dropshipping business might be quite profitable. It’s a risky first step into the world of entrepreneurship. Customers will be able to buy a variety of things from you, and you will be able to establish your own rates and advertise your brand.

Dropshipping is quite effective in Nigeria. Nigeria has a large number of drop shipping merchants and enterprises. Some of our merchants also dropship from Nigeria to other nations.

In it local form it is practiced in most Large market places in Nigeria , market places like Alaba International, Computer Village Ikeja etc. .

So you might be wondering how do i start my own dropshipping venture , well that’s quite simple. All you have to do is follow the steps below;

  1. Find an opportunity.
  2. Get a supplier.
  3. Choose your platform.
  4. Promote your business.
  5. Get your finances in order.



Social media for business is no longer optional. It’s an essential way to reach your customers, gain valuable insights, and grow your brand.

You’re losing out on a quick, affordable, and efficient way to reach almost half of the world’s population if you’re not using social media to advertise your offline business.
Make sure you have a social media presence for your offline side business and that you connect with consumers on a regular basis.


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