Presidential Scholarship for Distinguished Achievement

Presidential Scholarship for Distinguished Achievement


The program, which began in 1987, broadens the interests and talents of a school and student body that are already diverse in both. Presidential Scholars who are interested in dance, music, or theatre are given priority for an internship with the Secrest Artists Series.

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Though Presidential Scholars need not plan to pursue a major in the area of their talent, they are expected to participate actively in that activity on campus. Interested students must be prepared to present evidence of outstanding talent and are asked by the Presidential Scholarship Committee for documentation of that talent (such as art portfolios, debate records, taped performances, etc.) and recommendations.


Twenty renewable scholarships of $16,000 each are awarded annually to students admitted to Wake Forest who possess exceptional talents in art, dance, debate, music, and theatre.


Preference will be given to applicants who apply by November 15. Applications received past November 15 will be considered as talent areas allow. Finalists will be contacted by the beginning of March. Winners are notified in late March.

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