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Google Certified Digital Marketer (GCDM)

Become a Google Certified Digital Marketer with 1 Full month mentorship and support to write Google Exam

Starts 7th, June 2021
Duration = 2 weeks

DELIVERY is online via Google Meet
Fee = ₦15,000


Analytics and data insights
Digital Marketing is more about people’s data. Learn how to collect and analyze data and turn it into actionable insights

Business strategy
Learn how to define and track clear goals, segment audiences and analyze data to help improve your online marketing efforts

Content marketing
Learn how to grow your customers, increase brand awareness and get more conversions by creating and distributing high-value content to potential customers.

Display advertising
Get your clients brand noticed online by identifying the right audiences, ad networks, and strategies for your display ads.

All the strategies and tools you need to build an online store, sell effectively online, and optimize the user experience.

Email marketing
Master the basics of email marketing, including how to track responses, create simple landing pages and use A/B testing.

Local marketing
Learn how to reach and engage potential customers nearby, using local directories, mobile marketing and by building a local search presence

Learn the differences between mobile sites and apps and develop the most effective mobile SEO and advertising strategies.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Learn about the different research tools available to Search Engine Marketing, plus how to choose keywords and optimize campaigns for a better return.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Understand the differences between organic and paid search, learn how to develop the most effective SEO plan, and optimize web pages so that users can find content easier.

Social media
Find out how to identify the right social network sites for each type of content, audience, and objective, create great content users will love, and measure your success.

Discover how to integrate video into an online strategy, create video ads on a budget and make sure they’re seen by the right people.

Web optimisation
Identify the right digital channels that will help you achieve your business goals and create better online user experiences.


1-month Mentorship
After the course, I will personally mentor you for 1 months, including supporting you to write your Google certification exam, answer all your questions and guide you on how to land your first 3 clients