William Louis Poteat Scholarship

William Louis Poteat Scholarship

The William Louis Poteat Scholarship program, which began in 1982, commemorates one of the university’s most notable historical personalities. William Louis Poteat, a fervent Baptist, was a biology professor, president of the institution from 1905 to 1927, and a highly renowned proponent of academic freedom. These scholarships promote Wake Forest’s long-standing ties to its Baptist roots and the state of North Carolina.

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The Poteat Scholarship is a competitive need-based scholarship. Applicants should complete both the CSS Profile® and the FAFSA™ by January 1, so that need may be determined before the selection process is complete.


The William Louis Poteat Scholarship is awarded to up to twenty entering needy and worthy first-year students who are active members of a North Carolina Baptist church. The award is based upon excellent academic achievement, promise of leadership, and involvement in one’s church, and recipients must show promise of making a significant contribution to church and society.


Applicants for the Poteat Scholarship must submit a letter of recommendation form completed by a church member by January 1 to: William Louis Poteat Scholarship Officer.

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