2024 Saint Francis Academic Scholarship at Marian University

With great pleasure, Marian University presents the prestigious Saint Francis Academic Scholarship for 2024. This undergraduate scholarship program aims to provide financial aid to deserving international students who wish to continue their education in the United States but need more credit.

Deserving students will be granted the scholarship, which is valued at around $18,000, upon receiving an admission offer from the esteemed Marian University. It is significant to remember that the scholarship award will be subtracted from the applicants’ tuition costs rather than given to them directly.

We will provide information on the Saint Francis Academic Scholarship in this article, including eligibility requirements, application procedures, perks, and a synopsis of Marian University’s past.

With its humble beginnings as Marian College in 1937, Marian University boasts a colorful past. The Sisters of St. Francis created it as a women’s institution emphasizing comprehensive education.

Marian College added professional business, nursing, and healthcare programs to its academic offerings over time.

Marian College changed its name to Marian University in 2009 to better represent President Daniel J. Elsener’s vision of growth and expansion.

Marian University is a renowned Catholic university today, distinguished by its emphasis on social justice, practical learning, and a student-centered approach.

The institution equips graduates to constructively influence their fields and communities by providing various undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree programs.

An Overview of Saint Francis Academic Scholarship

• Scholarship host country: United States
• Scholarship host university: Marian University
• Scholarship degree level: Undergraduate
• Scholarship funding type: Full tuition
• Scholarship number: Numerous
• Eligible students: International students
• Application deadline: It varies

Qualifications for Saint Francis Academic Scholarship Eligibility

• A stellar academic record is required of applicants, usually with a GPA of 3.7 or higher on a 4.0 scale. They ought to have continuously shown a dedication to academic success, a keen interest in the world of ideas, and an enthusiasm for education.

• The scholarship committee looks for candidates with outstanding leadership abilities and a dedication to improving their communities. Applicants must be able to participate in extracurricular activities, volunteer work, and leadership positions in school clubs, organizations, or voluntary endeavors.

• A personal statement outlining the applicant’s aspirations, accomplishments, and future objectives must be submitted. The applicant’s commitment to community involvement, personal development, and service should all be highlighted in their statement.

Saint Francis Academic Scholarship Benefits

The Saint Francis Academic Scholarship provides winners with many advantages, enabling them to pursue their academic objectives and leave a lasting impression on society. Among the main advantages are:

• The scholarship program recipients will get $18,000 to help with Marian University’s tuition costs.

Guidelines for Saint Francis Academic Scholarship Applications

• Interested parties should complete and submit the online application form on Marian University’s official website. The form will ask for your academic history, contact information, and basic personal information.

• Applicants must arrange for Marian University to receive a copy of their official high school transcripts. They must also submit at least two letters of recommendation from mentors, educators, or leaders in the community who can vouch for their academic prowess, leadership capacity, and dedication to service.

• The personal statement, which gives applicants the chance to highlight their unique abilities, life experiences, and commitment to service, is an essential part of the application process. Candidates should take the time to write a well-researched, engaging essay that demonstrates their commitment to improving their communities.

• It is imperative that applicants fulfill the designated submission deadline. Applications that are sent after the deadline might not be accepted. Therefore, it’s best to send in all necessary paperwork beforehand.

Here is the application link: 


The Saint Francis Academic Scholarship embodies Marian University’s mission to support intellectual, spiritual, and personal development. It also continues to change the lives of those who receive it, transforming them into kind, purpose-driven people who change the world. International students who meet the eligibility conditions can apply from anywhere worldwide, and those chosen will get $18,000.


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