Best Guide on Grants for Doctorate in Education 2024

Are you aspiring to become a leading force in education through grants for doctorate in education? Then here are financial support for your Doctorate in Education through grants. Learn about available funding, eligibility, and application guidelines to further your academic pursuits in education.

Grants for Doctorate in Education
Grants for Doctorate in Education

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Doctorate in Education can be an enriching journey, but financing advanced degrees can be a concern. However, there’s a silver lining: grants tailored for doctoral students in education. These grants serve as invaluable financial aids, alleviating the burden of tuition costs and supporting research initiatives.

They open doors for aspiring educators to delve deeper into their academic pursuits, contribute to scholarly conversations, and make a lasting impact in the field of education. In this guide, we’ll explore the landscape of grants available for Doctorate in Education candidates, detailing eligibility, application processes, and avenues for securing financial support to fuel your educational aspirations.

The Top Grants for Doctorate in Education 

1. AERA Doctoral Dissertation Grants

The American Educational Research Association provides $20,000 one-year grants specifically for doctoral candidates in the dissertation phase of an accredited doctoral program. Eligible candidates must be conducting research aligned with K-12 or higher education teaching. Preference is given to topics focusing on student achievement within STEM and bilingual education. Application requirements encompass a proposal narrative, reference list, budget details, curriculum vitae, and a letter of recommendation.

Deadline: January 20th

[email protected]

2. ASHF Student Research Grant

Teachers pursuing speech-language pathology studies have the opportunity to apply for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation grant. Valued at $2,000, this grant supports research focused on early childhood language development. Eligible candidates must be enrolled full-time in a master’s or doctoral program at a U.S. college, majoring in communication sciences. Requirements include submitting a 10-page research plan, obtaining IRB approval, and providing at least one letter of support.

Deadline: May 22nd

[email protected]

3. Esther Katz Rosen Fund Grant

The Esther Katz Rosen Fund Grant, an esteemed educational grant offered by the American Psychological Association, stands as a notably generous opportunity. Valued at $50,000 annually, this grant is designated for doctoral students focusing their dissertation research on the needs of gifted and talented youth. Eligible candidates should be associated with a U.S. college or university, possess ten years or less of experience in the field, and demonstrate an interest in special education or school psychology. The application necessitates a submission of a comprehensive seven-page research proposal.

Deadline: March 1st

[email protected]

4. Hannah Beiter Graduate Research Grant

The Hannah Beiter Graduate Research Grant, backed by the Children’s Literature Association (ChLA), offers financial support of up to $1,500. This grant assists graduate students engaged in writing a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation that contributes to the sphere of children’s literature and literacy. Eligible PhD or EdD candidates must furnish a cover letter, a detailed research proposal, a preliminary budget outline, an updated resume, and a letter of reference from their dissertation advisor.

Deadline: February 1st


5. Head Start Graduate Student Research Grant

Administered by the Administration for Children and Families, the Head Start Graduate Student Research Grant, established in 1998, aims to support doctoral students conducting research on early childhood interventions for low-income children. Valued at $5,000, this grant is designated for full-time doctoral students enrolled at a U.S. university. Eligible candidates should collaborate with local Head Start programs and display a keen interest in child development.

Deadline; Varies

6. ILA Teacher as Researcher Grant

Every year, the International Literacy Association bestows $5,000 grants through the Teacher as Researcher Grant program, specifically designed for PreK-12 teachers engaged in research endeavors, including doctoral dissertations. The research should concentrate on reading, writing, language, or literacy education. Eligible applicants, who must be ILA members with at least half-time teaching responsibilities at a U.S. college, are required to submit a concise 10-page research proposal online.

Deadline: January 15th


7. AAUW Career Development Grants

The Career Development Grants aid in the professional advancement of women holding undergraduate degrees. Ranging from $2,000 to $20,000, these grants target women aiming to re-enter the workforce in education or STEM fields. Eligible applicants, who must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents, The grants specifically support coursework beyond an initial bachelor’s degree.

Deadline: Nov 15th

8. Midwest Nursing Research Society Grant

The Midwest Nursing Research Society provides distinctive PhD grants tailored for educators aspiring to join university faculties, particularly those aiming to teach undergraduate or graduate nurses. Valued at $2,500, eligible candidates must be full-time enrollees in an accredited U.S. doctoral program, conducting dissertation research focused on advancing nursing education. Completion of the online application necessitates a comprehensive 20-page maximum research proposal, IRB approval, a budget plan, and submission of two references.

Deadline: November 2nd

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9. NCTM Mathematics Study Grant

Valued at $6,000, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) grant is aimed at aiding middle school teachers (grades 6-8) pursuing graduate studies with a focus on math education. To qualify, applicants must be active NCTM members, enrolled in an accredited U.S. university, maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5, possess at least three years of teaching experience, and furnish a letter of support from their principal.

Grants for Doctorate in Education
Grants for Doctorate in Education

10. OAR Graduate Student Grants

The Organization for Autism Research offers grants ranging from $1,000 to $2,000 for graduate students focusing on research related to autism assessment, intervention, and education. Eligible applicants, including special education teachers, are required to submit a cover letter, research abstract, project timeline, budget, evidence of IRB approval, a signed letter of support, and articulate the practical relevance of their research.

Deadline: February 15th

11. Phi Kappa Phi Literacy Grants

The Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society extends Literacy Grants to graduate students pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree in education and initiating a literacy project aimed at groups spanning preschoolers to adults in their communities. Awarding $2,500 in funding, eligible applicants must hold active membership in the Society, attend a U.S. college accredited with a Phi Kappa Phi chapter, exhibit merit in advocating for literacy initiatives, and submit a comprehensive five-page project proposal.

Deadline: April 1st

12. Pitsco/Hearlihy/FTEE Grant

The Foundation for Technology and Engineering Educators presents an annual $2,000 grant to K-12 teachers pursuing a master’s or doctorate degree in technology or engineering. Eligible candidates, who must be ITEEA members, should demonstrate successful integration of technology or engineering in their classrooms, evidence of effective teaching, and enrollment at an accredited U.S. college.

Deadline: December 1st

13. SHAPE America Student Research Grant

The Society of Health and Physical Educators America has annually granted the Student Research Grant of $2,500 since 1997. This award supports master’s and doctoral students engaged in original research within health education, physical education, sport, recreation, or dance education. Eligible applicants should attend an accredited university, be U.S. citizens or legal residents, aspire to careers in HPERD professions, focus on promoting physical activity through their research, and hold membership in SHAPE.

Deadline: December 4th

14. Sigma Alpha Iota Doctoral Grant

The Sigma Alpha Iota, an international music fraternity, awards $2,500 grants to teachers pursuing a full-time doctoral program in music education, music therapy, musicology, or ethnomusicology. Eligible applicants must be initiated SAI members in good financial standing, attending an accredited U.S. college, and at the final dissertation stage of their programs. This grant is exclusively available to those who hold an undergraduate degree in music.

Deadline: March 15th

15. Sol Hirsch Education Fund Grant

The National Weather Association established the Sol Hirsch Grant in memory of his 30-year career in the Weather Bureau Satellite program. This grant supports K-12 science teachers focused on enhancing their professional development in meteorology to elevate student education. Eligible candidates should demonstrate financial need and provide a grant proposal, resume, and a supportive letter from their school principal.

Deadline: June 3rd

16. Steve A. Stahl Research Grant

The International Reading Association administers the annual Steve A. Stahl Research Grant, offering $1,000 grants to promising doctoral students enrolled in a U.S. university. Eligible candidates should possess a minimum of three years’ experience in preK-12 teaching, IRA membership, and a major declared in reading education or literacy. Their dissertation focus should revolve around strategies to enhance classroom reading instruction.

17. TOEFL Graduate Student Research Grant

The TOEFL Graduate Student Research Grant, by the Educational Testing Service, offers $5,000 to scholars pursuing accredited master’s or doctoral programs. The grant caters to fields such as language education, literacy, applied linguistics, and educational testing. Research funded by this grant focuses on ESL student language development. Applicants are required to submit a cover letter, research abstract, budget, project schedule, resume, and two recommendation letters.

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Conclusion on Grants for Doctorate in Education

Pursuing a doctorate in education opens doors to various grant opportunities supporting research, professional development, and innovative projects. These grants, available across diverse educational domains, offer substantial financial support to advance scholarly work, address educational challenges, and contribute significantly to the improvement of educational practices and student outcomes. Through these funding avenues, educators can expand their impact, enhance learning experiences, and drive positive changes within the educational landscape.

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