Top 10 Grant Management Software for Nonprofits – Amazing Guide 2024!

Does grant writing get you swamped? Streamline your nonprofit’s success with cutting-edge Grant Management Software. Enhance efficiency, track progress, and secure funding seamlessly. Optimize your grant processes, from application to reporting, with a user-friendly platform tailored for nonprofits. Elevate your impact – explore the future of grant management today!

Grant Management Software
Grant Management Software

What is Grant Management?

Grant management encompasses the entire life cycle of identifying, prioritizing, processing, and finalizing grant applications from initiation to completion.

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Grantmakers establish strategic goals aligned with their mission, evaluate applications, and award grants that align with their objectives. Conversely, grant seekers gather internal information, research, and submit grant applications that address their needs. Both parties are also tasked with monitoring the nonprofit’s compliance with regulations and assessing the impact of the grant on their organization.

How Does Grant Management Software Help?

Grant management software streamlines the entire grant management process for nonprofits. This software is a comprehensive solution, from identifying and applying for grants to tracking finances and ensuring compliance with grantmaker expectations. It also aids grantmakers in collecting applications, monitoring outcomes, and automating communication with nonprofits.

Nonprofits exploring grant management software have various options, from those integrated into larger online donation tools to platforms designed explicitly for grantmakers and grant seekers.

Discover how grant management tools can enhance your nonprofit’s efficiency in four key ways:

1. Minimizing time spent on administrative tasks.

2. Expanding opportunities to find grants.

3. Receiving notifications of grant deadlines.

4. Improving communication among team members.

Explore our blog for tips on choosing the right grant management software and delve into the top 10 options available. Streamline your grant management processes for more tremendous success.

Top 10 Grants Management Software for Nonprofits

The ten grant management software options listed below are integrated into more significant online donation and CRM tools designed for nonprofits or specifically developed exclusively for grant management.

1. Salesforce

Salesforce, a prominent nonprofit SaaS company, offers comprehensive online donation tools for fundraising and donation management. In addition to these features, Salesforce provides a grant management system that empowers nonprofits to efficiently track, manage, and deliver grant funding. This versatile tool caters to grantmakers and grant seekers, allowing them to streamline paperwork and funding processes.

The company offers nonprofits interested in exploring Salesforce’s grant management capabilities the option to sign up for a demo. Detailed information about features and pricing can be found on Salesforce’s pricing page. Specifically, Salesforce’s Outbound Funds Module with Grants Management is priced at $2,100 per year, providing access to valuable features such as the Grantee Portal, Private Grant Invitations, Application Statuses, Submission Requirements, and Disbursement Schedules. Elevate your grant management experience with Salesforce’s robust and user-friendly solutions.

2. Foundant

Foundant’s grantmaker program is designed to cater to funders of all sizes, offering a streamlined process for tracking applications, facilitating communication with nonprofits, and analyzing the effective utilization of funds. Grantmakers interested in exploring Foundant’s program can sign up for a demo and inquire about pricing details.

On the grant seeker side, Foundant provides an intuitive system called GrantHub, assisting nonprofits in accessing funders and 990 forms on GrantStation and Foundation Center. GrantHub allows users to link to GuideStar profiles, set up reminders, track tasks, and store grant documents. Both grantmakers and grant seekers have the option to sign up for a demo.

For nonprofits considering GrantHub, pricing starts at $75 per month and includes features such as support for up to 35 users, 20GB of storage, and unlimited support. Nonprofits can request a demo or take advantage of a free trial to explore the functionality of GrantHub. Enhance your grant management experience with Foundant’s tailored solutions.

3. Bloomerang

Bloomerang, renowned for its comprehensive nonprofit tool covering fundraising, email marketing, surveys, and more, extends its support to grant management for nonprofits.

With Bloomerang, nonprofits can efficiently track applications, essential deadlines, awards, rejections, and payments in one centralized platform. The system aids nonprofits in uncovering connections between individuals and potential grantmakers, enhancing their grant management capabilities.

Grantseekers using Bloomerang benefit from the Sustainability Scorecard, a powerful tool for assessing and analyzing their organization’s financial and program data. This feature enables nonprofits to address grant makers’ inquiries promptly.

For those interested in Boomerang’s grant management capabilities, the option to sign up for a demo or inquire about their plans is available. Elevate your grant management processes with Bloomerang’s multifaceted and user-friendly nonprofit solutions.

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4. Amplifund

Amplifund is a versatile grant management software designed to streamline the grant process for various entities, including state governments, local governments, tribal governments, educational institutions, healthcare organizations, and nonprofits.

Amplifund empowers grantmakers to expand their mission and impact by facilitating the management of grant recipients, ensuring compliance with requirements, saving administrative time through automation, and maintaining adherence to federal legislation.

Grantseekers, on the other hand, can leverage Amplifund to discover grant opportunities and stay aligned with federal legislation.

Amplifund offers a flexible pricing structure tailored to the unique needs of organizations. Both grantmakers and grantseekers can benefit from consistent annual costs and the absence of user limitations. Elevate your grant management experience with Amplifund’s comprehensive and adaptable solutions.

5. Fluxx

Fluxx stands out as grant management software crafted specifically for grantmakers, leveraging its unique background to offer features tailored exclusively for the grantmaking process. These features include collaboration tools, budgeting and forecasting, grantee engagement, reporting, and storytelling.

Within Fluxx, grantmakers have a centralized platform for collecting submissions, simplifying approvals, ensuring transparency, clarifying deadlines, making data accessible, and showcasing impact. Fluxx empowers grantmakers to create a customizable grant process, assign tasks to team members, receive in-app and email deadline notifications, and seamlessly integrate with other tools such as Microsoft Office, Salesforce, Guidestar, and DocuSign.

Grantmakers utilizing Fluxx can establish impact boards, generate program reports, monitor progress against budget goals, and connect with other grantmakers to share best practices and insights.

For grantmakers interested in Fluxx, signing up for a demo provides an opportunity to explore the platform and learn more about pricing. Additionally, Fluxx offers plans for grantseekers, including a free basic plan enabling nonprofits to manage unlimited grants, requests, and payments, assign unlimited tasks, and track and share their impact with funders. Additional paid plans, starting at $14.99 monthly with a free trial, offer enhanced integration and interactive options. Experience a comprehensive grant management solution with Fluxx.

6. Eleo

Eleo stands out as an online donation processor encompassing a range of features, including a donor database, events management, website donation forms, volunteer management, and grant management. With Eleo’s monthly subscription, nonprofits gain access to a comprehensive grant management system that simplifies the recording and tracking of grant applications and awards within a unified platform.

Nonprofits utilizing Eleo can:

– Add grant deadlines to their calendar and assign tasks to team members.

– Develop and update budgets seamlessly.

– Upload an unlimited number of documents.

Eleo offers packages starting at $39 monthly, accommodating up to 2,500 donor records. While no free package is available, Eleo extends Opportunity Grants to nonprofits on a case-by-case basis. Elevate your grant management and fundraising experience with Eleo’s user-friendly and inclusive solutions.

7. DonationXchange

DonationXchange offers a versatile and customizable grants management system, catering to the needs of both grantmakers and grant seekers by automating various processes.

DonationXchange enables grantmakers to create digital pre-check questionnaires tailored to their organization’s programs and mission. It facilitates the review and tracking of applications and the assessment and review of multiple submissions. Grantmakers can also utilize the system to automate online prechecks and applications to streamline vetting, verification, and submissions.

Grant seekers using DonationXchange can leverage the platform to:

– Upload files seamlessly.

– Review and track their applications.

– Automate follow-up impact reports, letters, and calls to action.

– Assign tasks to team members efficiently.

For those interested in exploring DonationXchange, signing up for a demo provides an opportunity to learn more about their pricing and discover how this customizable grants management system can enhance the efficiency of your grant processes. Elevate your grant management experience with DonationXchange’s tailored and user-friendly solutions.

8. Submittable

Submittable stands out as grant management software designed specifically for grantmakers, aiming to save an average of twelve hours per week for its users. This software provides a streamlined process that benefits grantmakers, applicants, and reviewers through:

– Easy-to-use centralized solutions.

– Task reminders for enhanced organization.

– Search and filtering features for efficient data management.

– Real-time collaboration with team members from any location.

With Submittable, grantmakers can seamlessly create forms, review applications, notify recipients, distribute funds, and report and measure impact. Submittable offers starter, pro, and enterprise packages to cater to various needs.

For those interested in Submittable’s features and pricing, obtaining a quote provides valuable insights into how this grant management software can optimize your grant processes. Experience efficiency and collaboration with Submittable’s user-friendly solutions.

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9. GovGrants

GovGrants emerges as a leading enterprise-level grant management software, catering to the complete grant life cycle for federal, state, and local governments. Utilized by government entities, GovGrants enables the creation of branded portals with custom content and offers comprehensive automation for the grant management process from initiation to completion. The software also facilitates the connection of available grant funds and state budgets, ensuring accurate reporting.

Both grantmakers and grantseekers interested in exploring GovGrants can reach out for a free demo to experience the platform’s capabilities firsthand. Additionally, contacting GovGrants provides an avenue to gather more pricing information, allowing organizations to make informed decisions about incorporating this robust grant management solution into their processes. Elevate your grant management experience with GovGrants’ enterprise-level and comprehensive solutions.

10. TrailBlazer

TrailBlazer offers a comprehensive suite of tools tailored for nonprofits, campaigns, and PACs. The CRM system provided by TrailBlazer allows users to manage documents in a centralized location, track finances, store letters grant proposals, and keep records of conversations, emails, and letters. The shared calendar feature enables efficient tracking of grant deadlines and task assignments for team members.

For organizations interested in TrailBlazer, set-up fees start at $295. Nonprofits can sign up for a demo and obtain a quote by calling 1-800-446-1375.

TrailBlazer emphasizes an all-in-one pricing model, eliminating the need for upgrades or modules. Additionally, every software enhancement is free, contributing to a cost-effective and streamlined user experience. Elevate your organization’s management capabilities with TrailBlazer’s integrated and user-friendly tools.

4 Things to Look for in Your Grant Management Software

When considering grant management software, certain essential features should be prioritized to ensure a seamless and efficient experience:

1. Ease of Use

   The primary goal of adopting grant management software is to save time, so the chosen system must be easy to navigate and understand. Look for software with intuitive interfaces and easily accessible dashboards. Additionally, ensure that the software provider offers training and support to assist users in overcoming any challenges or questions that may arise.

2. Gathering and Storing Internal Information

   Grantmakers and grant seekers must collect and store various financial and program details throughout the grant process. The chosen software should facilitate the easy storage and retrieval of this information. Consider whether the software can be integrated with existing management tools, and if not, check if there’s a straightforward manual data input process.

3. Automation of Tracking and Communications

   Automation is key to minimizing the time spent on administrative tasks. Look for grant management software that automates calendar updates, sets and tracks deadlines, assigns tasks to team members, and sends reminders. The software should also provide a platform for online communication among team members, which is especially crucial in remote work scenarios. Additionally, ensure that all communications are stored and tracked within the software for reference.

Grant Management Software
Grant Management Software

4. Integration with Fundraising Tools

   One of the key considerations when selecting grant management software for nonprofits is its ability to integrate seamlessly with existing fundraising tools. Most nonprofit donation processors already integrate with various fundraising and marketing tools, and it’s crucial to find grant management software that follows suit. This integration ensures a smooth data transition between platforms and enhances the overall efficiency of your fundraising efforts.

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Final Thoughts on Grant Management Software for Nonprofits

Selecting the right grant management software for nonprofits is a strategic investment that can significantly streamline processes, enhance collaboration, and ultimately boost the success of fundraising initiatives. From seamless integration with existing tools to user-friendly interfaces and robust automation features, the ideal software empowers organizations to save time, gather and store crucial information effortlessly, and communicate effectively within their teams. As nonprofits embark on this journey to elevate their grant management experience, the right software becomes a valuable ally, supporting their mission to positively impact the communities they serve. Choose a grant management solution that aligns with your organization’s unique needs and sets the stage for success in your philanthropic endeavors.

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